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When are weights NOT the answer?

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by The Admin

I have seen a big increase in women lifting weights in the gym and at classes lately.  This is a great step forward for women wanting to improve and maximise their body shape and improve body composition.  However, when are lifting weights not appropriate?

If you are newly post natal, have a stomach separation, a less than perfect pelvic floor or haven't exercised in a long time, perhaps lifting heavy weights if something that should be considered at a later time when your internal systems are working properly and your body is completely functional.  I'm talking about pushing over 100kg on a leg press for example, not the 1 or 2kg dumbbells by the way!

Always consider whether your pelvic floor is going to be able to cope with all of that pressure.  Perhaps you are already running for the loo after jumping around in a class or even after coughing or sneezing.  In which case, lifting heavy weights would not be appropriate for your stage of recovery.  Always go back to basics to make sure you are strong from the inside out.  It's no good having a perfectly defined body if the inside isn't coping well.  

If you still have a 'poochy' type of stomach that will not go flat no matter what you do, consider that you might have a diastasis (stomach separation).  Again, in this case, putting pressure on your core area with weights that it can't support could make the condition worse.  

Make sure that you are training with someone who knows how to teach you to lift weights to ensure your safety.  Training partners are fantastic if you both know what you are doing.

Above all, ensure that your body is fit for what you are trying to achieve.  Enjoy lifting ladies :)