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About Us

Hello!  Welcome to samwilsonfitness.  My name is Sam Wilson.  I'm mum to two gorgeous boys and the owner of samwilsonfitness, a company dedicated to female health and wellbeing.  I coach pre and post natal fitness and health sessions, am a qualified soft tissue therapist and a huge lover of cities, music and fashion! 

Our Philosophy

Passionate about health for everyone, we have a whole body approach to training and nutrition. We don’t believe people should strive for a superficial level of health. Good health is a lifestyle, a consistent approach to exercise, sleep, nutrition, environment and stress. In order to feel well, we must consistently make the right choices for ourselves.

Movement is a key part of this philosophy; we are, as humans, meant to move, every day. As result of our increasingly sedentary jobs and travel choices, we spend the majority of our time sitting. In order to help the body become well and fully functional, we must consider alternative choices in our lives. Stop accepting tiredness and feeling low as part of modern life. It doesn’t and shouldn’t, have to be that way. Nourish yourself and you will begin to see the difference. Physically and mentally.

samwilsonfitness was founded in 2004 and has gone from strength to strength in recent years. We are known for our female health coaching and wide range of sessions, from pregnancy and postnatal, general fitness sessions, menopause, right through to childrens sessions. We also run day retreats, Vitality workshops for menopause and our always popular Sunday Chill Sessions.

Nothing is impossible when you truly decide to make change.


My name is Sam Wilson and I began samwilsonfitness in 2004. I'm passionate about movement and health and love being able to work with clients that share that passion. My background is gymnastics and dance and I do as much exercise as possible outside of the studio. I have two beautiful sons who also keep me active! My speciality is pre and post natal training, female fitness and core training. I love to learn and study different subjects regularly, enjoy travelling, good food and music that makes you want to dance.

I want all of my clients to reach their goals, whatever they are. Thanks for looking at our website. I hope you decide to work with us.

Fitness Instructor

My background is within dance and I completed my sports degree at Winchester university and then progressed into the health and fitness industry.

I have an array of experience and qualifications in teaching fitness classes including Spin, Cardio Kick, Conditioning classes, Dance and Pilates classes. My main job is as a sports teacher at the local college. I'm extremely happy to support Sam Wilson in her ethos of fitness!!

Hot Mama Fitness Instructor

I am 23 years old and I have always been interested in fitness and wellbeing. I took my interest into education and studied at Bath university where I achieved an Honours Degree in Sport, Health and fitness. Whilst studying I also passed as a level 2 gym and circuit instructor. I have been working for Sam Wilson fitness now for over a year, and love delivering the Hot Mama sessions.

As well as my fitness training, I am studying yoga and I have a real passion for water sports and being in the outdoors.