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Losing It!

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by Sam Wilson

Mum of two gorgeous boys and the owner of samwilsonfitness, a company dedicated to female health and wellbeing.

This needs to be said.  I am currently feeling a bit overwhelmed and the majority of mums I see are too.  Overwhelmed with everything that comes with working and having children and trying to DO IT ALL!  Do you feel like this?  I know I'm not alone in feeling that I am constantly on catch up and not doing things 100% to my best ability.  I do wonder what we, as mothers, are doing to our mental health when we try to do everything all of the time.  You feel guilty if you are working and not with your children yet guilty for not working when you're with them!  I wish I could just LET IT GO! :)

I'm in London this weekend and will have a chance to have a rest and a rethink.  There must be a way of managing things so that things don't feel like they are ALMOST going to fall apart!  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for everyone around me and everyhing I have, but there is a point where we must decide what gives and what stays.  In the early years, children are so demanding and rightly so.  They deserve it.  However, and I've blogged about this before, there is nothing more exhausting than repeating yourself and telling little people to do things a million times.  Or dealing with a toddler trantrum because you did up the seatbelt and they wanted to do it.  Add to that your own business or job and you have a recipe for disaster really.  Your focus is never solely on one thing.  The following scenario happens frequently.  Just about to do a little work and "MUM!" screams a voice from the toilet, "I've finished!"....oh yes, that bit of work will have to wait. 

Are women really out there that have this all sorted?  If so, I want to know how!  Perhaps being super, super organised is the key.  Perhaps working a little less....whatever it is....I'm going to find the secret.  When I do I will let you all know :)

Until the next time I get ten minutes!

Sam x